5-Star Review: Erika H.

“No one would’ve expected this. I didn’t even know that I would need the things that have been given to us right now. The day after our dogs 

passed we had the most wonderful people reach out to us. They gave my grief a path. I had no idea which way to go and they brought a little comfort back into my home.

When we got to Baue Pet Services they laid my dogs out for me in a beautiful room. They had to be covered for obvious reasons but they were prepared for that. We talked with Kim Brueck about what had happened. She listened. She didn’t speak much and when she did she just kept telling me that I have a right to grieve my dogs. No one should make me feel like they were “just petsbecause they weren’t, and she validated my feelings. She made the experience with her personable.

A few days ago I got to bring my babies back into their home. They are where they belong with their family. They are in beautiful urns next to their paw and snout prints. They bathed our babies so they would be clean and gave us hair clippings (which I know I wouldn’t have been able to stomach that, but she did that for us). They both have their own Rainbow Bridge poems and one together. There’s also a group that meets to help grieve the loss of their angels that is complementary to us, which I think I will be attending.

It’s comforting seeing them in our home. Knowing they aren’t outside anymore. They are near us again. I can hold them whenever I want. It’s as close to them as I can get. I didn’t know I would need a viewing of them. She held a service for them and for our family.

Thank you so much, Kim, for everything you have done for our family. It’s amazing what you do, and the heart you have. Thank you for making it possible to have my babies back in my home with me. Shuma Chaudhuri thank you for leading us to her and opening our eyes to her services. I would be lost without you two.”


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